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Weight Loss

Reading this means you have taken the first step to change your life. You are probably over weight, a binge eater, a yo-yo dieter, or, you live on a permanent diet. Most likely, you experience all these things, and more. You are in a destructive cycle that now impacts negatively, on your whole life, in lots of different ways. You are feeling anxious, unattractive and out of control.

Whatever your scenario, it is most likely the root cause of your problem, is not food itself. Much more likely, the problem with your weight, is what you are feeling inside your head. The good news is, assuming you are prepared to commit 100% to the whole process, and are determined to work with me to make positive change, then losing weight, can be rapid powerful and permanent.

To give you a flavor of my style and the work we will do together, I ask you to think about this for a moment. Diets are, by definition, based on restricting your food in-take. They rely on your self-denial. Now, (in total contradiction) inside your mind, you are not pre-programmed, to willingly deny yourself, something you think you want – like food! Now, as your subconscious, makes up 91%, of your overall mind, it is the most powerful part of your thinking. So, it makes sense, that your diet plan, will always fail long term, if you do not work to change information, and thoughts and feelings, you have stored away, in your mind. Thus, your current miserable cycle of permanent dieting!

So, I say, invest in yourself and change your feelings and thoughts, relating to, all you genuinely believe, you want. You can be the healthy size and shape, you should be… permanently!

The largest study ever conducted, concluded that 91% of diets fail long term. To produce the most effective results this work should be alongside a sensible diet and exercise plan.

Referencing System - Failure of dieting  Medicare American Psychologist Magazine, 2007
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Payment: You can make payment via PayPal by clicking the red button. Or, contact me here to discuss other payment options, such as bank transfer. Thank you.

Cancellation: A full refund when 48 hours notice is given.  This allows for your session to be re-allocated to another client on my waiting list.  Thank you.

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