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Reading this means you suffer from a phobia that has negatively taken control of a part of your life. Phobias involve your personal relationships, your career, your social life or even something as basic as travel. Symptoms include sickness in the stomach, a racing heart, sweaty hands, paranoia, mental ‘floating’, light headedness, and more. As you are afraid of triggering a panic attack, you start to avoid certain things, making for a miserable experience. The good news is, you have today, bravely taken the first step to change your life. I have been trained by the best in the world of personal development, so you are in safe hands. You can do this!

As a flavor of my style and the work we do together, think about this, just for a moment. You arrived in the world, hard-wired to be afraid of only two things. One, is a fear of falling. The other, is any sudden loud noise. Everything else, you - somewhere along the way – have learnt. The good news is, just as you learn, so, with the right help, you can now unlearn!

I say, how you think, affects how you feel, both physically and emotionally. What you think about, becomes magnified and amplified inside your head. So, how you feel, affects what you do next, particularly how you react. Trying to think your way out of an anxious state, creates for you instead, an even worse, anxiety-provoked reaction. The opposite strategy is, you try to avoid any situation, where you expect to experience anxiety. This strategy also fails and your phobia now feels worse. This is because ‘avoidance’ often exacerbates an initial problem. In other words by deliberately avoiding something you dread, you make your original fear, even worse!

With the right help, any phobia can be easily overcome. I use a powerful combination of professional hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming (NLP), to work with your mind - and more specifically, your imagination, belief system and memory, stored in your subconscious. I also use the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), to work with you at a logical, rational and conscious level. These proven professional techniques can achieve rapid and positive results, changing your life, forever.

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Payment: You can make payment via PayPal by clicking the red button. Or, contact me here to discuss other payment options, such as bank transfer. Thank you.

Cancellation: A full refund when 48 hours notice is given.  This allows for your session to be re-allocated to another client on my waiting list.  Thank you.

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