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  • Stress in the workplace/positively building relationships
  • Assertiveness in the workplace/confidence building
  • Team building/morale building
  • Improving performance/hitting targets and achieving goals
  • Sports management/improving performance
  • Public speaking
  • Interview nerves/stress
  • Exam nerves/stress

I teach the best I know, and get straight to what works. I have been trained, and worked alongside, the very best in the business of personal development. I teach current, proven, innovative mind and therapy techniques, used by world leading visionaries. The aim is, for you to overcome, whatever the emotional and psychological issues are, that continue to keep you stuck - and under achieving.

My sessions are dynamic and rapid. I am known for producing successful results quickly. If you like to write essays and case studies, with an old fashioned and traditional workshop style leader, my approach is not suited to you. My style is hands-on and very direct. I tell you, as I see it, using proven tools and techniques, from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), cognitive behavioural training (CBT), life coaching and hypnotherapy. This approach differs from many other coaches. I use these tools because I know they work!

I strive to get to know each person individually so you can choose to work with me individually, or in a friendly informal group, where numbers are deliberately kept small.

I am legally bound by a code of professional ethics.

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