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Eating Disorders

Reading this means you have taken the first step to change your life. This work can be very emotional for some people. Be prepared to look hard at your unique inner self. The good news is, you can get back, complete and healthy control, of your whole mind and body.

I would ask you to think logically about this for a moment. When you were born, you most certainly did not arrive, into the world, with an unhealthy attitude toward your body and food. You are likely to be a very high achiever. Somewhere, along the line, most typically in childhood, or adolescence, you stored incorrect information about yourself, in your mind. The information you filed away, is probably not, specifically about food. Somehow though, in your own thinking, your mind, has muddled itself, and made an unhealthy connection with this information, your inner self, and your relationship with food.

As time has passed your unhealthy belief(s) have become cemented and are now very familiar to you. You are likely to have learnt ways to disguise your problems with food from other people, particularly those closest to you. This is because you feel ashamed. This has led you to adopting behaviours that now destructively consume your days, and negatively affect your entire life. The good news is, working with and trusting me, you can recover, and enjoy full and healthy control of your life again.

I use methods that I know, from direct experience, work.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), with proven professional hypnotherapy and life-coaching. To produce the most effective results, this work should always be in addition to a sensible diet and exercise plan.

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Payment: You can make payment via PayPal by clicking the red button. Or, contact me here to discuss other payment options, such as bank transfer. Thank you.

Cancellation: A full refund when 48 hours notice is given.  This allows for your session to be re-allocated to another client on my waiting list.  Thank you.

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