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Stop Smoking

I am trained by the world’s best in the field of personal development. To stop you smoking, I use a combined powerful approach, and am known to achieve results, fast.

I use hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT), to retrain your conscious mind. Then, using smoking cessation hypnosis, I work closely with your subconscious mind. This combination of mind and therapy techniques is extremely powerful and produces excellent results, fast.

You learn to be free of self-limiting beliefs, which are keeping you stuck. You switch unhealthy behaviours that no longer work for you, with healthy, confident and positive strategies.

This work helps you to deal with withdrawal pangs, cravings, mood swings and irritability. Most clients report they are left with an overall sense of wellbeing, are physically more relaxed, and emotionally calmer. The overall goal is for you to leave the second session, as a happy and confident non-smoker.

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Price: £220* - The smoking cessation package, working directly with me, takes two sessions. The package includes a 12-month guarantee, during which time, if you have any smoking related issues, I am happy to see you as many times as necessary, on a strictly free of charge basis.

Payment: You can make payment via PayPal by clicking the red button. Or, contact me here to discuss other payment options, such as bank transfer. Thank you.

Cancellation: A full refund when 48 hours notice is given.  This allows for your session to be re-allocated to another client on my waiting list.  Thank you.

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Do You Need Help?

Make a private appointment with Lindsey Inchbald.

Results vary per individual and can be rapid.

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